A-7MAKIACE●If any abnormality occurs, stop the operationimmediately.You may be injured, a fire may be started andthe system may be damaged.●Don’t touch the product with your bare handsduring operation or within about one hourafter the operation has stopped. This productoperates at an elevated temperature.You may be burned.●Do not use this product if the load exceedsthe specified maximum load.You may be injured, a fire may be started andthe system may be damaged.●Do not use this product at speeds higherthan the specified maximum rotation speed.You may be injured, a fire may be started andthe system may be damaged.OperationNo special running-in is necessary. However, it isrecommended that, when first starting to use theproduct, the operating load should not exceed80% of the rated load. Then the load can be raisedgradually.●Rise in temperatureThe working temperature of the product is dueto the sliding transmission parts. The outsidewall of the speed reducer may reach about 90℃within one or two hours after the starting anoperation at the rated load. However, this isnormal.We have set the maximum permittedtemperature on the outside wall of the speedreducer to 95.Check the following items during amaintenance check.●Lubricant changesAbout 50 hours of operation after first staring,replace the lubricant. Then, check the lubricantevery six months. If it is dirty, replace it.Be especially sure to replace the lubricant afterthe first 50 hours to remove any abrasivepowder that has been collected by the oil.Whenever you need to change the lubricant, thelubricant will be very hot right after stopping theoperation. Therefore, wait one or two hours afterstopping before replacing the oil.Be sure to use only genuine lubricants.When disposing of used lubricant, treat it asgeneral industrial waste.●GreasingThe upper bearing of the vertical output shaft(Type K) is lubricated with grease. Type 80 andlarger have grease nipples on the output shaftcovers. As a general guide, add the properamount of grease every 1000 hours or every sixmonths. Since the Type 63 and smaller arepermanently lubricated, it is not necessary toadd grease.Caution●Operating tipsFor handling procedure details, please see theseparate instruction manual.Maintenance checkPrecaution for Handling