MAKIACEA-63Dedicated motor/Brake motor specificationsProtectiontypeVoltage・FrequencyPolesRatingHeat-resistantclassBraketypeBrakingtorqueFlangeshapeShaftshapeIndoor type totally-enclosed fancooled type200/200/220V 50/60/60Hz4 PContinuousnessClass E (0.4~3.7kW) Class B(5.5kW)DC operated spring brake, Equipped with a manual release handle150% or moreSquareHollow●This motor is only for use with the Makiace series, and no commercially available motor can be used.MAF100~200Alpha Worm MA260●Lubricant0~50Ambient temperature℃Size●Notes1.Please note that the Makiace MA series worm gear speed reducers cannot perform as specified unless the lubricants mentioned above are used.2.Please avoid combining these lubricants with general industrial gear lubricants.3.If you are working at unusual ambient temperatures, please contact us.Precaution for HandlingPlease see the A-07 page.Genuine lubricantsTo get full performance from worm gear speed reducers, it is important to use theproper lubricants. The Makiace MA series are shipped with the lubricants shown inthe following table. Please double check the operating conditions and replace thelubricants according to the following table.Specification