A-5MAKIACENominal typeMAKPSeriessReductionsOutputsTypesBasesSizesShaft arrangementsReduction RatiosMotor specificationsStan. / Spe.sMAOBP100R60ET●●●●●●●●●●MASee 8 page 1015202530405060BlankSingle reductionBlankOSolidHollowBWKWorm shaft below the output shaftWorm shaft above the output shaftVertical output shaft typeNote: not for Size 32・40.BlankPWithoutWithCenter distance25Center distance32Center distance40Center distance50Center distance63Center distance80Center distance100Center distance125Center distance140Center distance1602532405063801001251401600.1kW0.2kW0.4kW0.75kW1.5kW2.2kW3.7kW5.5kWNTGeneralmotorBrake-motorESBDesignated motor with adapterServo motorBlankTStandardSpecialHeat resistant radiant heat paint. No other painting is allowed over thispaint. Transmission performance is decreased when other paints areapplied. Munsell 5.5PB5.5/9 sky blue( lacquer type)SpecificationNote: Type No. 25, 32 and 40 are not painted, but Type No. 25 with base plate is painted with black. ●Types with other specifications than standard are also available.Standard typeItemSizeReduction ratioOutput shaft shape 25324050638010012514016010(15)20(25)30405060Note: Ratio of ( ) is for over size 50Solid (type MA)Hollow (type MAO)Worm shaft below the output shaft type MAB, MAOBWorm shaft above the output shaft type MAW, MAOBVertical output shaft type MAK, MAOKSolid shaftWith motorWith brake-motor・ for servo motorISO / R 773 : 1969JIS B 1301-1996Input shaft shapePaintingShaft keysWorm screwPosition &direction of input& output shaft1234No5678SpecificationRight handnote-1