A-3MAKIACEHIGH EFFICIENCYHIGHEFFICIENCY●Efficiency is by 10% or more.MA series worm speed reducerThe high quality Makiace models (MA series) were created bycombining Makishinko’s years of experience in the development ofworm gear speed reducers with the latest production technology. TheMakiace MA series features high power, high efficiency, reduced sizeand weight, good design, easy operation and high quality. It is a top-of-the-line product for use in a variety of fields and for various purposes.HIGH POWERHIGHPOWER■Overhang load comparison table5063(60) 80100Center distance(mm) Makishinko Type MAMakishinko S seriesunit N●Torque has been increased by 60% or more.●The overhang load has been increased by 80% or more.Cylindrical worm gear designed for the ideal drive●Larger module compared to the S series●Improved simultaneous contact line, increased areaand length of engagement, increased gear tootharea and tooth surface which are well lubricated▲ StarEndLocus on the surface of the worm gearWorm gear rotation directionMakishinko Type MA (MA100)Makishinko S series (standard)Instantaneous contact line1.2.N・m80040001,8001,5001,000102030Reduction ratioS series■MA100 (compared to our company’s standard products) Output torqueInput rotation speed(rpm)Type MA10090807060501015202530405060■Efficiency comparison tableType MAType MAType MACompeting high quality productsCompeting high quality productsCompeting high quality productsCompeting popular products(Reduction ratio)(Efficiency %)(Efficiency %)(Efficiency %)Competing popular productsFEATURESMAKIACE