Ambient temperatureISO viscosity gradeNippon Oil CorporationIdemitsu KosanF-60LisonixGrease No.2DynamaxSuperNo.2SunlightGreaseNo.2Daphne EponexSR No.2BrandRecommended Lubricants・Common ItemsRecommended greaseRecommended lubricants0~50℃VG220Bong Knock M220DAPHNE SUPER GEAR 220SB19~38VG150Bong Knock M150Daphne Super Gear Oil 150SB45~85VG220Bong Knock M220Daphne Super Gear Oil 2200~50℃MakerIdemitsu KosanShowa Shell SekiyuCOSMO OilJOMO Oil1.All the tolerances for shaft diameters are h7 in the JIS B-0401 System of Fits.2.The key grooves in the end of each shaft are JIS B1301-1996 compliant (new JIS parallel key, average)and come with a parallel key (square on both ends).3.No eyebolt is attached to the SB19 or 25. One eyebolt is attached to the SB30, 38 and 50. Twoeyebolts are attached to the SB45, and four eyebolts are attached to the SB75 and 85.4.The SB19 to SB38 are filled with Bong Knock M150, the SB45 to SB85 are filled with Bong KnockM220, and all the FB models are filled with Bong Knock M220. However, it should be noted that theproduct may be shipped dry (without lubricant inside) due to transportation requirements (a note aboutthat will be attached to the shipping tag).5.The phases of the key grooves in Shafts A and B are intentionally mismatched.6.Shafts A and C with a speed ratio of 2 : 1 have integral pinions, and the complete assembly is case-hardened. Therefore, additional processing is not allowed.Common ItemsType FBType SBTB typeBevelgearbox