F-46BevelGearBoxShaft Arrangement and Rotation Direction ・Equivalent Inertial Moment■Forward and reverse rotation can be used, and the same performance is available in either direction.■The rotation direction shown by the arrow shows the direction of rotation for each shaft.■The phases of the key grooves in each shaft are intentionally mismatched.■When the speed ratio is 1.5 : 1 or 2 : 1, speed is reduced from Shaft A to Shaft B.■Since this product is designed for driving farm machinery, if it is used where noise can be a problem, useit at 70% or less of the allowable rotation speed for Shaft A.■When the installation direction is not horizontal (Shafts A and B are installed facing up), it is necessaryto change the method for supplying oil to the bearings. Please make sure you tell us the installationdirection.★For the method used to select the correct type, please see pages F-3 to F-6.Shaft BShaft A111213232221Shaft A conversion equivalent inertial moment■When converted to GD2(kgf-m2), quadruple thevalues in the table.(×10-3kg・m2)1:11.5:12:1Speed ratioSize20253035450.