TYPEFBBevel Gear Box(Straight bevel gear)Features●Tough design★Heavy-duty design in whichstrength is taken into considerationfor industrial machinery used in harshconditions.●Small and lightweight★Lightweight and compact design●Large variety of types★Shaft arrangement………Six types★Size……………………………Five types★Speed ratio………Three types: 1 : 1,1.5 : 1 and 2 : 1 Please select them according to your intended purpose.Applications★Agricultural machinery (in particular,mostly used for tractors.)★Industrial machinery (used toconvert the shaft direction and toprovide multiple power shafts from asingle input.)Straight bevel gearOil sealCasingOil sealHousingShaft BBearingShaft A●●●●●●●●●●Construction●GearStraight bevel gears are used. Sincea special, heat-treated steel alloy isused, gears can withstand hightransfer loads.●ShaftsCarbon steel or a special steel alloyis used, and shafts are designedwith ample consideration towithstand bending.●BearingsConical bearings are used. Shaft Ais supported on one end, and ShaftB is supported on both ends.Bearings handle the thrust andradial loads on each shaft.●CasingThe casing is made of gray castiron.●LubricationAn oil bath lubrication system isused.The FB type bevel gear box makes the best use of our technology and achievementsover many years. It is the product we developed for use in industrial machinery subjectto harsh conditions, such as is required in agricultural machinery.F-44BevelGearBox