F-9BevelGearBoxShaft Arrangement and Rotation DirectionHorizontal type (plan view)●Forward and reverse rotation can be used, and the same performance is available in either direction.●The rotation direction shown by the arrow shows the direction of rotation for each shaft.●Relationship of the speed ratio (example when the speed ratio is 2 : 1)Shaft arrangements11~83(two shafts)……Speed is reduced from Shaft A to Shaft B.Shaft arrangements111~233B(three shafts・four shafts) …Shafts A and CanShaft Ds B and D have the same direction of rotation. The rotation direction ofshafts A & C is reversed from the direction of shafts B & D.●When used as speed increaser gears (example when the speed ratio is 1 : 2)Shaft arrangements11~83(two shafts)The rotation speed is increased fromShaft B to Shaft A.Shaft arrangements111~233B(three shafts・four shafts)…The rotationspeed is increased from Shaft B or Shaft D to Shaft A or Shaft C. (Thespeed cannot be increased from Shaft A to Shaft B.)【Example of shaft speed ratios】Shaft arrangement:111Shaft A:100rpmShaft B:50rpmShaft C:100rpmShaft arrangement:213Shaft A:100rpmShaft B:50rpmShaft C:100rpmShaft D:50rpm■The shaft arrangement shows the positions of the oil plug, oil drain plug and oillevel gauge, as shown in the dimensional drawings in the catalog (and also in theexternal drawings). Select the shaft arrangement according to the directionneeded for operation and inspection.■When a “B”is placed at the end of the shaft arrangement, it indicates that allthe shafts have bearing housings.■The phases of the key grooves in each shaft are intentionally mismatched.■The positions of the oil plug, oil level gauge and oil drain plug of the horizontaltype shafts are normally located on the opposite side of Shaft A. For three andfour shafts, please see the outline dimensional drawings.Shaft C=100rpmShaft A=100rpmShaft B=50rpmShaft C=100rpmShaft A=100rpmShaft B=50rpmShaft D=50rpm(Example)Vertical direction:111Horizontal direction:213BTwo shaftsShaft AShaft BThree shaftsShaft AShaft BShaft CFour shaftsShaft DShaft BShaft CShaft AShaft AShaft BShaft CShaft BShaft DShaft AShaft DShaft BShaft A11111113213B123121112122112B121B2112221323