F-5BevelGearBoxSize selection example 1 (SB type)Actual transmission powerPa=25kW(Motor totally enclosed, fan cooled type30kW×6P×50Hz)Rotation speedShaft An1=300rpm(speed reduction by the primary speed reducer)Shaft Bn2=300rpmSpeed ratio1:1Operating time10hours/daycontinuous operationLoad conditionsMedium shock loadingThe load equal to that in forward rotationis also applied in reverse rotation.Rotary directionForward/reverse operation (The forward andreverse rotations are repeated equally.)Shaft direction11Installation orientationHorizontal installationShaft connection methodInput shaft (Shaft A): Gear coupledOutput shaft (Shaft B): Sprocket (200mm in diameter)Direction of forward rotation shown in the drawingInstallation siteIndoors,Ambient temperature:Max.35℃From the type selection procedure1)Determination of the working coefficientDetermine the working coefficient from the working conditions.Sf1= 1.25from the load coefficient table.Sf2= 1.30from the reverse rotation coefficient table.2)Determination of the equivalent input capacityEquivalent input capacityPe=Pa・Sf1・Sf2Pe=25kW×1.25×1.30=40.6kWTherefore, the input capacity should be considered to be 40.6kW.3)Provisional size selectionFrom the rated transfer capability table, selectthe SB65, which is the size that satisfies theconditions of 40.6kW at 300rpm.(The input capacity of the SB65at 300rpm is 46.29kW.)4)Thermal rating capacity checkSince the thermal rating capacity (Pw) of theSB65is Pw = 55kW from Table 4and thetemperature correction coefficient (Sf3) at theambient temperature of 35℃is 0.8from Table 3,the thermal rating capacity after correction is asfollows.Pw・Sf3=55kW×0.8=44kWSince 44kW > 40.6kW (actual transmissionpower), the oil bath type is OK.5)Overhang load (OHL) check(If applied to the center of the shaft)From the working conditionsPw=25kWn=300rpm200r=1000×2=0.1mSf4=1Sf5=1Overhang loadLr=974×Pw・Sf4・Sf5・9.8n・r=974×25×1.0×1.0×9.8=7954N300×0.1Shaft B allowable OHL of SB65(LC)=16400N Since 16400N>7954N, it is safe to use this model. From the results above, select SB65-1(speed ratio)-12(shaft direction).Size Selection ExamplesShaft BShaft A