BevelGearBoxF-4OK if LC ≧Lr. If LC < Lr, select a type where LC ≧Lr.6.Overhang load (OHL) checkHeat rating torqueTw(N・m)Tw=974・Pw・η ・9.8100・n2OK if Tw・Sf3 ≧Te.If Tw・Sf3 < Te, select a type where Tw・Sf3 ≧Te.OK if Pw・Sf3 ≧Pe. If Pw・Sf3 < Pe, select a typewhere Pw ≧Pe.a.When selected by input capacityb.When selected by output torque5.Thermal rating capacity checkOHL coefficient Selection of Sf4Overhang load coefficient table Sf4Actual overhang load calculationTe:Equivalent output torque(N・m)Lr=Te・Sf4・Sf5Lr:Actual overhang load (N)rr:Radius (m) of a rotating body like a sprocketSf4:Overhang load coefficientEquivalent allowable overhang load (OHL) calculationSf5:Action position coefficientLC:Allowable overhang load (N)L:Dimension of the action position (mm)HS or LS:Shaft end size (mm)a)When the action position of the load is larger than Hsor LS .22Calculation of action position coefficient Sf5Sf5=2・L or2・LLSHsb)When the action position of the load is less than Hsor LS.Sf5≒122SprocketGearV-belt pulleyFlat belt1.001.251.502.50HS or LSHS or LS2LFind the equivalent input capacity, Pe (kW)from the actual input capacity, Pa (kW).Pe=Sf1・Sf2・PaFind the equivalent output torque, Te (N-m) from the actual output torque, Ta (N-m).Te=Sf1・Sf2・Taa.Method found from the input capacityb.Method found from the output torque3.Calculation of the equivalent capacity4.Provisional selection of a typeTemporarily, select the type that corresponds to Pe or Te from the transfer capability table.Table 4 Thermal rating capacity PwThermal rating PwSize 19 25 30 38 45 50 65 75 85 7.9 10.5 13 16 22 37 55 79 105