F-3BevelGearBox123456789101112Actual transmission powerRotation speedSpeed ratioOperating timeType of loadFrequency of forward/reverse rotationRotation directionShaft arrangementInstallation methodShaft connection methodInstallation site and ambient temperatureOther precautionskW or N/m( rpm)(Nominal transmission power value of the motor or engine if the actual power transmitted is not known)Shaft ArpmShaft BrpmShaft CrpmShaft Drpm():1hours/dayContinuous、intermittent(Uniform loading・Medium shock loading・Heavy shock loading)reversals/hourShaft A or C (clockwise, counterclockwise), Shaft B or D (clockwise, counterclockwise)Give specific details if it is not a horizontal installation.A and Shaft C sideOverhang loadNB and D shaft sideOverhang loadN(Indoors・Outdoors・Normal ℃/minimum ℃/maximum ℃)Exposed to dust (lots, little or none), water or other liquidsUniform loading0.70(0.90)0.80(1.00)1.00(1.25)1.25(1.50)Medium shock loading0.80(1.00)0.90(1.25)1.25(1.50)1.50(1.75)Heavy shock loading1.00(1.25)1.25(1.50)1.50(1.75)1.75(2.00)Uniform loading0.800.901.251.50Medium shock loading0.901.251.501.75Heavy shock loading1.251.501.752.00Unidirectional rotation1.251.501.752.00Forward / reverse rotation1.501.752.002.50Continuous operationWhen starting and stopping occurs10times or more in one hourWhen the load fluctuates dramatically suchas when using mixers and thickenersUp to 30minutesUp to 2hoursUp to 10hoursUp to 24hoursOperating conditionsLoad conditionsOperating time2.Load coefficientSelection of Sf1Type of loadOperating timeSize selection procedureSelect the size as follows.Find the selection specifications.1.Reduction ratio R= Input shaft rotation speed n1Output shaft rotation speed n2Table 1 Load coefficient table Sf1When starting and stopping occurs 10 times or more in one hour, use the values in parentheses.When reverse rotation is involved, use the values not in parentheses and the correct reverse rotation coefficient.Table 2Reverse rotation coefficientSf2Table 3Temperature correction coefficientSf3Frequency of reverse rotationWhen reverse rotation occurs rarelyWhen repeated intermittentlyWhen repeated continuouslyReverse rotation coefficient1.001.00~1.251.25~1.4Ambient temperature ℃15202530354050Temperature correction coefficient1. Selection