F-2BevelGearBox●If any abnormality occurs, stop the operation immediately. You may be injured, a fire may be started and the systemmay be damaged.●Do not touch this product with your bare hands duringoperation or within about one hour after the operation hasstopped. This product operates at an elevated temperature. You may be burned.●Do not use this product if the load exceeds the specifiedmaximum load. You may be injured, a fire may be started and the systemmay be damaged.●Do not use this product at speeds higher than the specifiedmaximum rotation speed. You may be injured, a fire may be started and the systemmay be damaged.OperationWhen selecting●Running -inThe product should demonstrate the specified performanceby making a running-in. To do this, first run in the product fortwo to four hours at a load of 1/3 to 1/2 of the rated load.●Rise in temperatureThe temperature of the product will increase due to load andlubricant friction resistance. The outside wall of the productmay reach about 90℃within one or two hours after startingan operation at the rated load. However, this is normal. Wehave limited the maximum temperature on the outside wall ofthe product to 90℃. This allows normal operation.Check the following items during a maintenance check.●Lubrication methodThe machine uses an oil bath lubrication system.However, if oil bath lubrication of the upper bearing isnot possible, depending on the shaft direction andinstallation direction, a grease feeding system can beused. In this case, a grease nipple is included.●Replacing the lubricantIf there are no specially designated items requiring a discussionof lubricants, Types SB19 to SB38 are filled with Bong KnockM150 and Types SB45 to SB85 are filled with Bong KnockM220. Replace the old lubricant with the specified amount and type ofnew lubricant according to the operating rotation speed andambient temperature. Since the product may be shipped dry(without lubricant inside) due to transportation requirements, besure to check lubricant before using the machine. Replace the lubricant about 100 hours after first startingoperation. Then, drain and replace the lubricant every 2500hours or six months. Since the lubricant will be very hot rightafter stopping the operation, wait one or two hours after the endof the operation before replacing the oil. Be sure to select one ofthe recommended lubricants shown in the attached table.●GreasingModels with bearings that must be greased are filledwith Daphne Eponex SR No. 2, shown in the attachedtable. Therefore, no initial greasing is needed. Addgrease at the grease nipples on the bearings.CAUTIONMaintenance checkPrecautions for Handling・Type SelectionSize selection●Selection procedure for Bevel gear boxBevel gear boxes are designed on the assumption that theywill be operated under the ideal load conditions with aconstant load. If the load varies, the load should becalculated as a constant load equal to the variation. Thepower selection is determined by comparing the value givenfrom multiplying the actual power by a working coefficientwith 1/2 of the maximum overload power. The greater valueis regarded as the correct power to select.1]Load coefficientSelect the load coefficient from the load coefficient tableaccording to the operating conditions, such as the type ofload, operating time, start-stop frequency and whether ornot the load fluctuates dramatically. Find the equivalentinput capacity or the equivalent output torque for yourneeds.2]Thermal rating capacityA thermal rating capacity is specified for each type.Select the temperature correction coefficient from the3]Overhang load3-1)Overhang load is gaining the weight to input shaft, itis necessary to think about it to select speedreducer. The value that divided load torque by theradius of the solid of rotation is a calculation ofoverhang load.3-2)Calculation of overhang loadThe allowance value of the overhang road of thecatalogue supposes that weighting acted on the centerof output shaft LS size and calculates. When the action point of increase is not the center of LSsize, because approved area of the catalog changes,please ask the equivalent capacity overhang loadmaking use of the formula and the table in selectionprocedure.3-3)Overhang factorWhen it drives with the speed reducer and motiveindirectly, select overhang load factor from anothertable and ask overhang load.