JACKE-107Electronic counter①Counter indicate ②Setting value indicate ③Set item indicate IN CPS Count speed IN Input setting OUT Output setting OUT ms Output setting time PS Pre scale DP Specify decimal position W Writing RST ms Selection of re-set time KEY/P Key protect SET Pre-set display PW Forecast settingParts nameBasic operationElectron counter nominal symbolSpecification654321KEY/PRSTOUT12PWRESETMODEDISPKEY/P RST PWPSDPWSETIN OUT 12mSCPS① ③ ② ③ ⑦ ⑥ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ ⑤ ④ ④ Counter speed2 stages setting modeKey protectionReset timeWrite inCountar modeCounter mode※ ※ ※ Count value 1st stage setting valuePre scale※ Output modeOutput timeSpecify decimal position※ Acting mode※ ※ Program modelActing modelCount value 1st stage setting valueDISPMODEDISPE48④Output indication ⑤Outside reset input indication ⑥ Outside key protect input indication ⑦Figure key ⑧Reset key ⑨Mode key ⑩Display keyCount signal of encoder and display it. Display the amount of movement in mm.Type Display Display bit Setting figure Setting range Input mode Input signal Count speed Counter mode Count way Counter range Input prohibition Pre scale Specification of decimal position Writing Reset Remote reset time Acting mode Memory Output Output delay time Output mode Output time Key protect Error indication Power supply Sensor power supply Power consumption Range of temp and humidity Protection structure WeightG48-315 With backlight LCD letter size10×5mm 6 6 2 ‐99999~999999 Connection/open collector open collector input current 10nA (H:6-30V, L:0~5V) 30Hz、1kHz、5kHz Selectable addition, subtraction, and combination(input addition and subtraction count separately, instruct input addition and subtraction, 90phase difference input.) ‐99999~999999 Input prohibition is possible with addition count or subtraction count(1 input mode)at input B mode. 0.001~99.999(Setting is not possible) 0.0、0.00、0.000 Or without decimal ‐99999~999999 Front reset, remote reset, auto-reset 2msec Or 20msec Select either A、B、C、D、E、F、G (Fixed output mode with A model if other than standard output) E2PROM(Memory time in every time:10 years, memory times:10 thousand) Relay output 1a connecter(MAX resistance load) Relay output 30Hz:20msec 5kHz:7msec Possible selection of standard equal, upper/lower limit, upper/upper limit In case of standard, can select either one short(10~9999msec・10msec)or case of other than standard output, output is hold-fix and aelf holding while meet with condition. Selectable level 1-4, Effective by key protect input Indicate if over count the count range.(overflow , underflow, ) But it is limited to combination of addition/subtraction mode. AC100~240V ‐15%、+10% DC12V 100mA About 7VA(AC240V) ‐10~50℃(no ice) 45~85%RH(no dew) IP54(Surface panel) About170gE48 operate both in acting mode and program mode. Primary setting is required in accordance with input method. For acting mode, pre-setting general counter form and program mode is counter form.