JACKE-106WiringPurple Green White Black3124+12V input Ainput B GNDRed Green White Black Shield+5~12V output A output B OV Power supplyoutput signal (A·B·Z are in the sameOVoutput circuitMain diagramConnection with election counterEncoder nominal symbolE01●●●GeneralThe encoder transmit input shaft revolution aspulse signal.It is compact and can be mounted directly on inputshaft and possible to use together with electroniccounter, sequencer.◆Available electron counter as an accessory.Encoder (incremental type) type EBasic specificationOutline dimensionTypePower supply voltageOutput signalOutput voltage (H)Output voltage (L)Max reaction speedCurrent consumptionInput current from outsideOutput impedanceRange of temperatureCEDC5~12V±5%90°degress Phase difference 2 signalsSupply voltage-1VLess than 0.5V(with 20mA current)30KHzLess than 40mALess than 20mA2kΩ-10~70℃Electric specificationTypeAllowable max speedShaft inertia momentStarting torqueRotating angle accelerationAllowable radial loadAllowable thrust loadAnti vibrationAnti impactweightCE6000rpm1×10-4 N・㎝2Less than1×10-3 N・㎝Less than1×104rad/sec210N5N50Hz10G・1h30G/1ms50gMechanical specification※The figure indicates shaft arrangement C2. (C1 is opposite arrangement)Shield wire(500R) 30Aφ30φBTypeA B00501002505007510015020025030093 5098 50118 70133 70400221 85143 70158 70170 70185 70188 70206 80500236 90