JACKE-105Handling (example of push up type U)Setting procedureBasically, switch is shipped without setting the cam. Adequate settingis required in accordance with following setting procedure. Makishinkocan set up the cam switch prior to shipment upon requested.1.Loosen the small screw ①, then remove cover (A). (structure figure)2.Loosen the adjustment screw②, then (B) and(c)cam will be in freecondition. (figure 2)3.Place the screw of jack at upper limit position, then tighten thescrew②after groove of cam(c)matched with roller of micro-switch..Make sure to positioned cam (c)correctly.4.Loosen the adjustment screw ②after placed screw of jack at lowerlimit position.5.Tighten the adjustment screw after matched the groove cam (B) torollerof micro switch ②.6.Put back cover (A), then tighten the small screw ①.7.Adjust potentiometer after loosen the screw ③.2RollerMicro switchCB2Flgure 1Flgure 2CB23PotentiomenterFlgure 342531111Reductionterminal numberA-MSB-MSSet rangoTransmitpointTransmitpointCWCCWConnection(on)Connection point(off)AMSNONCNONCBMS42531BlueRedBlackBrownWhite42531NCNOAMSBMSCOMNCNONotes1.After adjusted the cam position, must confirm upper and lower stopposition.2.Confirm if adjustment screw ②is tighten enough or not. If it isloosen, it may not stop at desired position.TerminalWiring diagramOperation modeOutline dimension130150110Wlre connection holeA15bBTypeB025050075100150200250300400500195210220235247262265283298313Cam switch type C