JACKE-103HandlingSetting procedureBasically, switch is shipped without setting the counter. Adequatesetting is required in accordance with following setting procedure.Makishinko can set up the switch prior to shipment upon requested,1.Unfasten small screw ①, then remove cover (A). (structure figure)2.Unfasten lock screw ②, then remove cover (B). (figure 1)3.Turn the spacer(c)and lower to downward per fig.1. If slide the ringletter to left, then ring letter will be freely rotate and can be set updesired number. When adjust ring letter (figure), make sure toposition it at center of window, pinion (D) must be at same stand in aline.4.Replace the space (D) at original position5.Tightwn the screw ②after put back cover (B).6.Tighten the small screw !after put back cover (A).L type counter switchCEMicro-switchCDE908897019019Flgure 1Flgure 2Axial directiomRed MSWhite MSRed MSNONCNONCWhiteMSCyanRedBlackNCNOCOM44422255533311111111ReductionTerminal numberBrown MSWhite MSBrown MS0000 (Transmit) 0000 (Transmit)Set rangoTransmit pointTransmit pointSetting valueSetting valueCWCCWConnection(on)Connection point(off)White MS130(210) 150110Wire connection holeA15bB1 B2Outline dimension※The figure shows L12 type with C2 arrangement. (Opposite arrangement is C1)Notes1. When set-up, display figure must be at center position as per fig.22.When replaced the spacer, make sure to check if spacer being replaced at original position with 0.2 0.3 mm clearance betweenletter (figure)rings.3. As shown in fig 2. confirm the center of pinion and letter ring correctly. If not, it cause to damage of gear. (longer pin and shorterpin must be line up)4.After setting, make sure to work switch at setting position.TerminalWiring diagramOperation modeTypeL12B1L14 L12EB2025050075100150200250300400500195210220235247262265283298313275290300315327342345363378393