JACKE-101Setting procedureThis switch is almost maintenance free type. Basically, switch isshippedwithout setting the counter. Adequate setting is required inaccordance withfollowing setting procedure. Makishinko can set upthe switch prior toshipment upon requested,1.●Lock the reset button, then start setting while operation states.2.●At the position of (A) or (B), release both re-set button in counterswitch. (refer to figure 2.)3.●Rotate the screw to desired position by rotating input shaft, thenset tothe release condition by pushing the re-set button of add-countside. (please refer to figure 1 structure explanation)4.●Push back the screw to the original position by rotating input shaftto the opposite direction, then set to the release condition by pushingre-set button in add-count side. Completed the setting.W type counter switch(Example 1)When set to 2009800 (10000-200)Digit of display whentransmit:0000(Example 2)When set to 50054995(10000-5005)Digit of display whentransmit:0000図254361BrownWiring figureOperation expianation2ACOMBlueRedBlackWhitePurpleBNCNONCNOCOMSetting value0000Setting valueBAB operation(Transmit)(Transmit)0000TransmitpointConnection point(off)Connection(on)ReductionA operation154321CWLoadTransmitpointCCW46Set rango図3Dimension tableOutput status of micro-switchIf looked frim upper face of jack, screw eill be moved towardupper direction of jack whi\en input shaft rotate arrow direction.(1)In output status(Output self holding inficate 0000-1999)(2)In setting status (indicate 9999-20000L2110105Jack center270258246243250400300L12001501601481361332211570Plug(3/8)745921819418416910007505002510884L2L1Size15114838005Cable connector(3/8)4101011045286500176228118WhiteBBrownPurpleARedBlueBlackCOMNONCWhiteBBrownPurpleARedBlueBlackCOMNONCC2C1BAStandard dmensionStrokeStrokeStandard dmensionBAW12W12E50.5105φ48.645L1Jack centerL21101107016Cable connector(3/8)Shaft arrangement