JACKE-1001Outdoors specificationW type counter switchGeneralBasically, switch has the same function ofL typeAnd it is more compact than L type.Counter switch nominal symbolW12E●●2 Switches4 switches24●●Single switch itself (only 2 swirches)0TypeBasic specificationStructure explanationItemSpecificationTypeDisplayDisplay figureSetting modeSetting figureSetting rangeSwitch typeNumber of switchAllowable input speedAmbient temperatureHumidity rangeSlef holding rangeCount numberDirection of rotationW12・W12EW14・W14EWhite letters×2White letters×44Reset button(lock type)49999~2000(8000Count)AVT3254(Panasonic electric)[AC250V-3A]241800rpm(Counter single body 500rpm)-20~70℃Less than 85%RH0000Signal~19991/rev(Single counter 10/rev)in case of clockwise rotation(CW), indication of B is increase number andA is decrease number (can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise )①1.②cover can be removed if loosen bolts.2.Switch will be at locked condition if slide thecounter switch reset button and push down.3.It is ready to operate when output is at lockedcondition(NO-COM).4.Set up position to upper limit or lower limit, thenrelease re-set button in counter switch.5.By releasing the lock of counter switch, locatedposition will be at 0000 count, then completeset up (when screwshaft replaced at originalposition by turning input shaft,make sure to start count toward reduction side).Reset button(released)When counting(reset lock reieased)Reset button(locked)No counting(reset locked)Reset released stateReset locked stateCounter switch nominal symbol2White lettersCount IndlcateConncection of jack input shaftCount IndlcateBReset buttonWhite letters00000A0Cable connecterLoad (6 ploces)300min1Switch box fixing boltCount button00CW図1■For encoder specification, please refer to E-85.2White lettersCount IndlcateConncection of jack input shaftCount IndlcateReset buttonWhite lettersCable connecterLoad (6 ploces)300min1Switch box fixing boltCount buttonCount IndlcateABCWW12W12ENo Without encoderE With encoder 01 ※The picture is the shape of switch itself.