JACKE-55JTB structure, featureIntegrated of ball nut and traveling nutIntegrated of unique structureand work balance load on ballnut, safety and long life.Large input shaftSufficient strength for connectionof multiple jacks.High efficiency speeder reducerDesign with benefit of experiencein manufacturing of speedreducer.Oil bath lubricantPossible in high speed operationand easy maintenance.Rigid housingMaterial of housing is cast steelfor size 100and above andductile cast iron (FCD450)material for size 025-075but caststeel material is also available.High precision, large screw shaftUsing ball screw.Ideal bearing structureUsing tapered roller bearingthat can hold both radial andthrust load. In case of forheavy load, use self-aligningball bearing.High precision worm wheelSpecial aluminum bronzematerial, high precision cut,sufficient strength.Function is that worm wheel turns when rotate input (worm) and then traveling nut move. Therefore, it issuitable to use in limited space. For lubricant of size 005 010, grease bath for worm and grease lubricantfor screw. For size 025~1250, oil bath for worm and grease lubricant for screw. It is required stopper fortraveling nut. (Please refer to screw torque in basic specification)●●●●●●●●※Explanation of above structure is for size 025-1250.