A-25MAKIACEUVWBBNBNBSSMotorBrakeUVWBBNBNBSSMotorBrakeSimultaneous AC disconnect circuitDC disconnect circuitIndividual AC disconnect circuitRectifier unit12345RSTMotorBrakeRectifier unit12345RSTMotorBrakeForgeneraluseForraising/lowering・whenfindingstoppingaccuracyPolaritychangemotor・reduced-voltagestartingSimultaneous AC disconnect circuitDC disconnect circuitIndividual AC disconnect circuitWiring(1)Connectionsa. For 0.4-2.2kWb. For 3.7 and 5.5hWNote: When you use an inverter or a reducer-voltage starter, connect the primary side of the brake or rectifier unit (powermodule) to the power side of the inverter or reduced-voltage starter.Note: When handling a 400V power supply with a 3.7 or 5.5 kW brake, use a transformer (auto transformer with a capacity of200 VA or more) on the primary side of the rectifier unit (power module).(2)Connections (grounding)A grounding terminal is provided in the terminal box, on the side of the side box under the frame. Besure to connect it to a qualified ground point. In particular, the ground connection for mobile ormovable machines is required by the Ordinance for Industrial Safety and Hygiene. Be sure toconnect to a ground point using a thick ground wire, to prevent electrical accidents and shocks.UVWBBNBNBSSMotorBrakeStandard connectionSimultaneous AC disconnect circuitIndividual DC disconnect circuitc. Types 32 and 40 (for 0.1-0.4kW)Rectifier unit123RSTUBBVWMotorBrakeYellowRedWhiteRectifier unit123RSTUBBVWYellowRedWhiteMotorBrake12345RSTRectifier unitMotorBrake※For details about handling the product, see the motor manufacturer’s instruction manual.