JACKE-47Large input shaftSufficient strength and goodfor connection of multiplejacks.Traveling nutUsing special aluminumbronze for high resistant ofwear.High efficiency speeder reducerCongregate many years experienceon turbine speed reducer.Oil bath lubricationPossible in high speed operationand easy maintenance.Rigid housingHousing material for abovesize 100is cast steel and size025075is ductile cast iron(available cast steel housing)High precision, large screw shaftScrew is trapezoid screw.Ideal bearing structureUsed tapered roller bearingthat can hold both radial andthrust load.In case of heavy load, useself-aligning ball bearing.High precision worm wheelSpecial aluminum bronzematerial, high precision cut,sufficient strength.●●●●●●●Function is that worm wheel turns when rotate input shaft (worm) and then traveling nut move. Therefore,it is suitable to use in limited space. For lubricant of size 002 010, grease bath for worm and greaselubricant for screw. For size 025 1250, oil bath for worm and grease lubricant for screw. It is requiredstopper for traveling nut.※Note: It is required stopper for traveling nut.●※Explanation of above structure is for size 025-1250.JTA structure, feature