●Mounting baseMounting surface must be rigid enough and secure a flat surface processed mechanically. Otherwise,vibration and noise will cause the jack damage. If mount the reducer, motor, align the product properly.●Mounting boltFor mounting bolt of jack, in case load force work on mounting bolt itself, use bolt of strengthclassification 10.9 or more.Installation●Change lubricantFor oil bath type, after 50 hours of operation, change the lubricant for first time. After that, change every6 months. Specially, for first time, unit must be drained, flushed wearing powder with light oil. For greaselubricant type, filled the grease through grease fitting. Excessive grease must removed from screw endcap cover.●Change screw shaft greaseThe lubricant for screw shaft is grease. Change it with new grease at earlier stage. (in about one week).Wipe off old grease and coat with new grease. In addition, it is recommendable to change the greaseeven if idle unit for long period (more than 6 months).●Check wear of female screwCheck the wear of female screw.Standard of changing female screw is depend on loading rate and frequency. For normal case, changethe screw when maximum screw backlash reached the 1/4 of screw pitch.●Check worm gearCheck the gear of worm wheel whether if abnormal wear appears or damaged.MaintenanceJACKE-44