Check the following matters before operation.●Check lubricant.Check lubricant quantity.For oil bath, level of oil must reach the center of oil level gauge. (JA,JTA,JB,JTB type)If the oil quantity is reduced, please re-fill the same kind of lubricant.●Check greaseCheak grease of screw shaft●Check air vent holeIn order to prevent oil leakage during the transportation, used solid plugwhen leaving factory. Up on confirmed installation and operation style,please change solid plug with attached air vent plug before starting. Ifnot changed, the lubricant may leak.In addition, if lubricant leak from air vent plug, raise the vent plugposition with appropriate pipe.●Run-in operationIt is required to conduct run-in operation in order to perform full performance.Therefore, conduct run-in operation for 2-4 hours with 1/3-1/2 of rated load before starting.●Caution on strokeThe stroke can overrun up and down in both direction within 5-20 mm. When the stroke overrun morethan above, screw shaft will be stopped at the place where the stopper to be mounted on the screwshaft bump the housing stopper. But donユt try to conduct any work when the product is energized.Always turn off the power switch supply to avoid the product damage. However, screw shaft is lockedthen you must take off cover of output shaft. We recommended you to use the safety device such astorque limiter and others. But excessive over load to stopper may cause the products damaged.E-43JACKFor operation●With bellowsThe standard bellow is made from nylon tarpaulin. Unit with bellow must use if jack operation in suchbad environment as outdoor or area filled dust or cutting power.●With key for stopper (in case of JA)It is the structure that the screw shaft is possible to move up and down itself. The key is fixed to cover of output screw and the keyway is in the screw shaft. After used for long period of time, its frictional force worm out, widening the gap between the break disks.When key way exceed a certain distance, excitation of the screw shaft dose no longer a ctivate its armatures, then replace parts.●With motorIt is the type that the flange type motor is connected directly to the products by coupling. As it adopts theoil bath system in reducer part, it can move at high speed (confirm the attached instruction by motor maker)●With bevel gear boxIt is the type that the bevel gear box is connected directly to the product. As you can position inputshaft at right angle to the standard input shaft direction, it is useful to connect many devices.Don't add the over hung load on the input shaft of bevel gear side.Handing of accessoriesAir vent holeCaution on handling