E-30JACKJB basic specificationFor nomninal capacityRefer to E-5SizeNominal capacity Screw shaft diameter Screw shaft root diameter Screw pitch Reduction ratio Traveling distance per one input shaft rotation Efficiency (%) Max input speed Standard stroke Screw torque Input no load torque Input starting torque Holding torque Reversing load Load at rest Weight H L H L H L H L H L(kN) (㎜) (㎜) (㎜) (㎜/rev) (30rpm) (1800rpm) (30rpm) (1800rpm) (rpm) (㎜) (N・m) (N・m) (N・m) (N・m) (N・m) (N・m) (kN) (kN) (kg) Stroke 50-500(interval 50), more than 500-1000(interval 100)Note: 1.Weight is rough estimate of stroke 300 mm unit. 2. ※ mark is efficiency of max, input speed. 3. Consult us for above 1250kN capacity 4. Screw torque and input starting torque is value for norminal capacity. 00551613.556180.830.2858713957180050. capacity (kN) JB Old model number (NJ)※Type for size 25 and 32 is BJV.Comparison table for JA and old model numberArrow indicates equivalent size, and inclined arrow indicates improved in capacity that old model number. (The listed value is the corresponded capacity.) 8325005 25150 90200 100250250 120300300 350 135400400 500500 155600 750750 17510001000 20012501250 1001020 4025025 40 5050050 60 6075075 100100 70120 80150150 200200 Nominal capacity (kN) JB Old model number (BXJ)