E-29JACKOil bath lubricationCan run in high speed operationand easy maintenance.Solid and strong housingHousing material for abovesize 100is cast steel and size025075is ductile cast iron(FCD450)End cap Convenience for inspection ofscrew shaft.JB structure, feature●Lubrication is oil bath for worm and grease for screw.※Ball screw has no self-locking feature, it is required break.●●High precision worm wheelSpecial aluminum bronzematerial, high precision cur,sufficient strength.●It consist of worm gear and ball screw and high precision and efficiency, suitable for frequent use. WormWheel rotate by turning input shaft (worm shaft) that transmit propulsive force to screw jack. Lubricationof worm and screw is both grease.Integral ball nut and worm wheelBecause of unique structureand work balanced load onball nut, safety and log life.●Ideal bearing structureUsing tapered roller bearing thatcan hold both radial and thrust load.●High precision, large screw shaftUse ball screw.●Screw shaft endMany selection of connecter.●Large input shaftSufficient strength forconnection of multiple jacks.●Light weight housingHousing is fabricated by aluminum,light weight and compact.●Grease lubricationEasy Maintenance.●High efficiency speeder reducerDesigned with benefit of experiencein manufacturing of speed reduer.Screw shaft guideScrew shaft guide is provideon the worm wheel and coverto prevent fluctuation of screw.●●[In the case of JB002~JB010][In case of JB025-JB1250]※Ball screw have no self-locking feature, it is required break.Ideal bearing structureUse tapered roller bearing, incase of heavy load, use self-aligning bearing.●