E-13JACKJA structure, featureOil bath lubricationPossible in high speed operationand easy maintenanceSolid and strong housingHousing material for abovesize 100 is cast steel andsize 025~075 is ductilecast ironEnd capConvenience for inspection ofcrew shaftIdeal bearing structureUse tapered roller bearing, inthe case of heavy load, useself-aligning ball bearing.The lubrication is oil bath for worm and grease for screw shaft●●●●Screw shaft endMany selection of connecterScrew shaft guideScrew shaft guide is providedon the worm wheel and coverto prevent fluctuation ofscrew.High efficiency speed reducerDesign with benefit ofexperience in manufacturingof speed reducerGrease lubricationEasy maintenanceLight weight housingHousing of fabricated byaluminum, light weight andcompact.High precision, large screw shaftTrapezoid screwIdeal bearing structureUsing tapered roller bearingthat can hold both radial andthrust loadHigh precision worm wheelSpecial aluminum bronzematerial, high precision cut,sufficient strengthLarge input shaftSufficient strength forconnection of multiple jacks●●●●●●●●●It consist of worm gear and screw jack (30degree trapezoid screw), suitable for special heavy load, andhave sufficient holding force. Worm wheel (nut) rotate by turning input shaft (worm shaft) that transmitpropulsive force to screw shaft.Note: for JA022, worm is oil lubrication.[ in the case of JA002~JA010][In the case of JA025-JA1250]※Explanation is only different area of JA002~JA010.