54321E-11JACKScrew jack Q&A-1Permissible load of jack whilerest and operating is equal or not.permissible load at rest is more than 1.2-2 timesof operating load.QAPush-Up type and Push-Down type, Is there any differencein permissible load even changed the direction of loadDue to mechanism, permissible load is notsame.QAin order to minimize the installationspace of screw shaft direction.It can be shorten the total length of jack if usedtraveling nut type.QAWhat is the difference between trapezoid screw and ball screw?Trapezoid screw has self protection (self-lock) function. It has excellent safety such as prevent falling.Efficiency of ball screw is high and can be make smaller backlash but no self-locking feature, expensive.QAWhy need screw shaft stopperIt is tendency to rotate screw shaft towardsame direction of worm wheel. Function ofstopper is to hold rotation of screw shaft.QARelexCan hold 1.2-2 times moreRestOperatingPermissible loadNominal capacityReverse loadingPermissible load is same until size 200Can use with small spaceTraveling nut typeClevisGuard against rotate together must have lock pinSelf-lock functionBrakeBrakeBall screwTrapezoid screw