JA・JTA・JB・JTBE-7JACKModel number selectionRequired condition for selectionNecessary confirming condition for selection(1)Load conditionsPush-pull forceInstallationSupport condition of load(2)Operation conditionsStrokeOperation speedInput shaft speed(3)Condition of useWith or without screw shaft stopperPrime moverNumber of condition (screw jack)(4)Actual operation conditionsInstallation, mounting positionMounting position while operateOperation cycle timeFrequency of operationNote: Confirm the position of filler plug anddrain plug when if already decided actualoperation condition and position of installation(5)Calculate required power (Pw) per followingformulaPw=W・V+N・T160・ηJ9550Pw:required power (kW)W:load of each jack (kN)V:operation speed (m/min)R:reduction ratioηJ:jack efficiency (decimal)N:input shaft speed (rpm)T1:torque of jack, no load (N・m)Operation speedV=N・R1000×RR:screw pitch (㎜)R:reduction ratio(6)Take the transmission efficiency in the followingtable into the consideration when connectmultiple jacksηnPw=n・W・V+N・T1・n60×ηJ・ηn9550n:number of jacksηJ:transmission efficiency(ηn)Transmission efficiency(ηn)In the above formula does not including no loadtorque and efficiency of speed reducer, gearbox, therefore, in the system example on E-9,calculate power after considering these factors.(7)Calculate required input shaft torque, and usethe jack within the value doesn't exceedpermissible input shaft torque range.T= 9550・Pw’(N・m)NNumber of connection2sets3sets4setsn setsTransmission efficiency(ηn)0.940.910.880.97nModel number Permissible input shaft torque002 8 005 11 010 25 025 31 050 52 075 94 100 177 150 301 200 315 250 315 300 513 400 675 500 993 750 2845 1000 3904 1250 5303 Note: Input shaft torque of jack for operation can't exceed aforesaid value. ※1kN・m= 1,000N・m(≒102kgf・m):N・mSelection procedure(1)Loading conditionMake sure the condition of selection, select thetype from the products list.(2)Based on basic specification, select typewhose operation load is more than nominal load.(3)When compression load work on the jack,decide whether the selected model number ofstep (2) is qualified or not according topermissible shaft direction load curve.(4)Decide whether the selected model number isqualified according to permissible operationload velocity curve.