50Hz60Hz50Hz60Hz50Hz60Hz50Hz60Hz50Hz60Hz50Hz60HzOutput torque(N・m)Output torque(N・m)Output torque(N・m)Output torque(N・m)Output torque(N・m)Output torque(N・m)0.40.751. ratio23.819.944.437.234.428.864.454.045.037.785.071.154.946.010486.961.752.011696.980. capacity・size・output torque by reduction ratio※The numbers shown in gray are our standard combinations.※For size 32 and 40, see page A-15※The 50Hz and 60Hz with a reduction ratio of 60 for all size and for 50Hz with areduction ratio of 50 for size 80, the torque output from the motor will exceed theallowable output torque. Therefore, only use the product at torques below these values.※Output torquecalculationformulaT=(9550xkW)/NxRxηskW: Motor capacityN: Motor speedR: Reduction ratioηs: Theoretical starting efficiency※The capabilities described above show the values in continuousoperation (stable conditions after the temperature rises). In asituation where the oil temperature does not rise because of brief orintermittent operation, the lubricant friction resistance will behigher and the efficiency will be lower. To find the efficiency inthis type of situation, refer to the theoretical starting efficiency value(A-19)Rated Transfer Capability Table, with Motors