22SA seriesAssembling Procedure of Servomotor unit AttentionBolt for assembly of motor M4 M5 M6 M8Tightening torque 3.2 Nm 6.4Nm 11 Nm 27NmAssembling of the reducer and the servomotor are in the following procedure. (1) Put the reducer of which the input shaft is upward on a suitable stand. (2) Rotate by hands the input coupling to adjust the position of the bolt head of the coupling to wrench hole (a tapped hole on the top). (3) Insert the motor shaft into the coupling hole and fit the body of the reducer to the in-low part of the motor. (4) Tighten the bolt within the allowable torque (See Table 1) to connect the flange of the servomotor and the reducer. (5) Tighten the coupling bolt with the specified torque (See Table 2)by inserting the torque wrench from the hole of the reducer side.※Because dimensions of our motor installation parts depend on the servomotor model, please confirm that it is appropriate.A motor installationTighten the boltTable 1Table 2Motor Capacity 0.1kW 0.2kW~0.75kW 1kW~5kWTightening bolt diameter M4 M5 M6Tightening torque Nm 4 8 14Wrench hole for tightening input Cautions for operating the products ● Before operation, please confirm the product specifications(the model name, the model number, the reduction ratio and so on.) ● The contents of this catalog are subject to change without any notice. Please consult our sales staffs for the latest information ● And the contents of attached instruction manual should be carefully read and understood before operating this product. Cautions for safety ● Do not use this product under conditions other than specified proper environment and usage ● Be careful to read and understand the Instruction Manual for every dangerous item, very cautionary item and every warning item before operating this product. Please operate it enough safely ● The operators in charge of transportation, installation, operation, handling, maintenance, and inspection of the equipment should have enough knowledge and technical skill for this product. ● Be sure to follow the Instruction Manual for every careful item described is important. Cautions for the product Warranty ● Warranty Period The shorter term of 18 months after the delivery date or a time of 12 months of operation, shall be considered as the warranty period. ● Scope of Warranty In case that any problems, troubles or damages on the Products arise due to the defects in the Products during the above "Warranty Period", although the Products are appropriately and properly installed in, connected or combined to the equipment or machines, or maintained in accordance with the maintenance manual and are properly operated under the conditions as described in the catalogue or otherwise as agreed upon in writing between Seller and the Buyer or its customers, the Seller will provide, at its sole discretion, appropriate repair or replacement on the Products free of charge ●Carefully read and understand the Instruction Manual about details of the scope of warranty. If you do not have the Instruction Manual, please request the dealer or distributor to be purchased, or contact the nearest our office. In addition, it is possible to get it by the download from our homepage (the following homepage address), too a fault or detect of the product, for example proper function cannot be obtained, is found during above warranty period under appropriate operating condition after proper installation, connection and handling specified in the instruction manual, the repair shall be free of charge or provide the replacement of this product or it's part based on our judgment.