R1bWR2a15SA seriesAllowable Thrust Load and Radial Load on Output Shaft/Bearing Life1. Allowable Thrust Load 2. 2. Allowable Radial(Overhang Load) As for the above calculating formula, a point of action of overhang load is applied to the case that an output shaft is central. If it acts on the position outside than the output shaft center, please add the dimensions to point of action distance b and calculate. But please warn the point of action not to go out than an end of output gudgeon. 2.1 1Check the Overhang Load values The formula to calculate the overhang load is following. Wr=f0・W(N) f0:Overhang Load Factor W:Overhang Load ※ Please set this value in less than radial load of the performance table.2.2 The life calculation of the bearingThe output shaft bearing of this reducer adopts deep groove ball bearing to minimize rotary loss. 2.2.1 Load to act on a bearing (1)Reaction force:R1 R1=Wr(a+b)/a (2)Reaction force:R2 R2=Wr-R1 2.2.2 Life hour(Lh) (1)The output shaft side bearing (R1) Lh=500×(33.3/n)(Cr/R1)3 (2)The carrier side bearing (R2) Lh=500×(33.3/n)(Cr/R2)3 n:Output shaft speed型 番 a:Distance between the bearing (mm) b:Distance to a point of action (mm) SA1215 27.5SA1920.5 36.5SA2423.5 45.5SA3258 48型 番 Nominal Number(R1side) Basic motion rating load:Cr(N) Nominal Number (R2side) Basic motion rating load:Cr(N)SA12#6002 5600 #6807 4750SA19#6205 14000 #6810 6600SA24#62/32 23500 #6813 11900SA32#6207 25700 #6817 18700Overhang Load Factor foTiming belt Cam Gear Belt No revision1.00 1.25 1.25 1.50 1.00