Highly Precise Planetary Gear Reducer (Backlash 15 min)Highly Precise Strong Rigidity Low NoiseFeatures of Speed Reducer for ServomotorsConstructionLow Backlash necessary for correct positioning The toughness to be worthy of a high-frequency start /stop Silent sound design is possible by fluent torque transmissionFeatures and Specificatios of SA Series GearHigh strength Precise Space saving Abunddant Easy to install LubricationBy being concentrated the experience of our many years and the latest technology, the precise planetary gear reducers for the servomotor, SA series, were born. As SA series are highly precise to be able to control the power, speed and positioning. Aiming at blessed humanity For tomorrow's society3SA seriesMaterialsPaint Color Grease Shaft speedCasing (Internal Gear) Planet / Sun Gear Input-side Cover Output-side CoverCr-MoSteel(Thermal refining) Carburizing Steel Aluminum alloy or pherical graphite cast iron Pherical graphite cast iron Mansel.5PB5.5/9 Sky blue(Lacquer) Kyodo Yushi Co., Ltd. Marutemp AC-D 3000rpm ※ ※Contact us in the case of more than 3000 rpm.Primary Sun GearSecondary Sun GearPrimary internal gearCouplingPrimary internal gearPrimary planetary gearInput shaft coverPrimary carrier unitServo Ace SAThe internal gear is high hardness in a casing and cast iron tough as for the output shaft installation flange powerful by unification in steel. Planetary gears and Sun gears are grinded after cementation quenching and are finished, and the internal gears are processed by highly precise broaching. Low noise backlash15min (It is the value that it measured at 2% of the rating torque.) Installating a corner flange , space saving reduction ratio Single:5types Double:6 types Servomoter is easy to installated by bolts and the shaft bolt the servomotor down after the insertion with a bolt. Grease for with a precision machine(Maintenance is free)